U14's Tournament 2/25/18

Posted by Christina J Wilhelm on Feb 23 2018 at 01:24PM PST

Hi all,

The address for the high school is 800 Abbott Road. The gym and parking lot are located on the backside of the campus on Reser Rd.

Attached are the pools and play schedule for this weekend’s tournament in Walla Walla. We will start at 8am, gym doors will be open at 7am. Play consists of the best 2 out 3 with the 3rd set to 15. No caps in any set. This is an R1 hosted tournament so teams will need to provide an R2 plus the usual scorekeepers/line judges when working.

Team areas may be set up in the hallways of either gym but please do NOT set up in front of the trophy cases in the main gym. The glass isn’t very thick and we keep that area open as a walkway.

Drinks are allowed in the gym as long as cups/bottles have lids. No food please!

We have one custodian who will be on duty all day so if there are any spills, please let us know right away. At the end of the day, please make sure your team area is cleaned up. If you set up in the back hallway of the small gym in front of the classroom doors, please ask your girls not to shove garbage under the doors (yes it’s happened).

For our officials: We will be providing a hospitality table with food and drinks for you. Please let us know if there any food allergies.

Angie Potts
Sweets Volleyball Club Director


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