MANDATORY- Referee & Scoring Clinic for all players due 1/20/19

Posted by Christina J Wilhelm on Dec 27 2018 at 08:39PM PST

Although the message was different last year, All EOVBC players must complete the referee and scoring clinic every year.
As a club, we feel it’s important to make sure all players know how to referee and score a game. So in order to participate in our club and your first scheduled game, this certification has to be done before 1/20/19 for all players. If your training is not completed during that time frame, sanctions and/or fee’s will be applied to you.

Per CEVA: Here is the link for instructions:

Registering for Ref/Score Training
We have had a lot of players register for the wrong ref/score training. Please use the link above so you know how to properly register.

Your coaches or club director do not have the ability to help you with the program, testing issues, or the system not working. This system is used for all USA volleyball members so at times it can be difficult. If you have questions, can’t register, etc, please email or call the number below.

DO NOT put this off until the last minute.

Columbia Empire Volleyball Association
4840 SW Western Avenue, Suite 450
Beaverton, OR 97005