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Yakima Tournament Information

Posted by Christina J Wilhelm at Mar 7, 2019 3:23PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Good Luck to all our teams at the Yakima Tournament…Have fun! Also, here is the information from the Yakima Tournament Director:

Hello everyone!

Here is the Northwest Junior Jamboree booklet in it’s entirety and has the most up to date information (as of March 7th). If you want any clarification on what I have written feel free to email me (Steve) at The booklet has the general information in the front and back (pages 2-4, 34) and then each division gets its own section 18’s, 16 Power, 16 Challenge, 14 Power, 14 Challenge, and 12’s in that order. If you would like age specific copies, such as for parents or coaches, feel free to contact me for that as well.
Good luck and have a fun time in Yakima and at Team Yakima’s 41st Jamboree. Please drive save!!!

Steve Vogt

Hi all!

Attached is the pool and bracket information for our tournament this weekend. Coaches meeting will start at 7:30 am with pool play beginning at 8 am. Pool and Bracket play will consist of 2 out 3 with no caps. This is an R1 tournament, but please make sure that if your team is reffing that you are ready to go right away so that we can try to stay on time.

For our pools of 3, I’m seeing if I can figure out an additional crossover match so that you’re getting 3 pool play matches and not sitting for a long period while the 4 team pool finishes. We do have the possibility of setting up a 5 team pool but the team reffing would need to be able to work two courts. I’ll have that ready as well and we can talk about it at the coaches meeting. Changing to a 5 team pool would also mean that there would be 2 pools of 4 teams.

The tournament is located at Walla Walla High School and the address is 800 Abbott Road. The gym entrance is behind the campus on Reser Rd. Please make sure that your parents don’t stop at Prospect Point Elementary thinking they’re in the right spot. The Wa-Hi gym is well marked once you go past the elementary school.

Gym doors will open at 7am. Please ask your parents not enter the gym prior to 7am, we’ve had teams arrive as early as 6:30 am and it’s extremely hard to set up when we’re getting a million questions about where team areas are. That leads to another topic. Because we have a full 16 teams: We will be assigning team areas. So when your teams arrive, just look for the signs. Team areas will be located in both gyms in the hallways. Make sure your areas are cleaned up when you’re done playing and ready to leave. We have an amazing custodian who loves our tournaments and we want to keep him happy.

Drinks (with lids) are allowed in the gyms. Please no food, and no food at the score tables.
If anything spills, please let us know right away because he does keep a mop bucket ready. If it’s water, just grab paper towels from the bathroom.

The weather forecast around here hasn’t been the greatest for this time of year but road crews have been amazing with getting streets cleared as much as they can. Highways are much better than the roads in town. So hopefully this weekend everything clears up and everyone can travel safely.

Angie Potts
Sweets Volleyball Club Director

Dear Club Directors and Coaches:

The schedule for March 2nd, 2019 tournament is now posted on AES. Here is the link if you need it to send to your parents.



Rolling Hills Charter – 1 court
8900 N Horseshoe Bend Rd
Boise ID 83714

Please remind your parents to bring chairs to sit on as bleachers aren’t pulled out. Rolling Hills will have bleachers but the other two won’t.

Thanks and see you this weekend.

Idaho Volleyball League

Here is the link on AES for the FEB 23rd tourney.

Let me know if you have any questions.


East Jr High
5600 E Warm Springs Ave, Boise, ID 83716

and North Star Charter
839 N Linder Rd, Eagle, ID 83616

Please remind your parents to bring chairs to sit on. If items are left at the playing sites please contact me as all items that are picked up by the TSD’s are brought to my house.


Joyce Fahnestock
Club Idaho Volleyball

Hi Directors and Coaches


Attached is the updated U-18 Pool and schedule information. Now a 5 team pool

See you Sunday